Kino Świt

The "Dawn" cinema (Kino Świt)

The cinema was opened to the public in 1955. It was built according to a design from Warsaw. The cinema has a portico decorated by twelve pillars, the capitals of which resemble the Egyptian lotus capitals from the Ptolemaic period. The same theme repeatedly occurs on the pilasters inside the portico as well as on the side walls. The portico is covered by three broken pediments and the whole composition is surmounted by baluster railing. The area where the cinema is situated was previously known as "Taiwan" because of its peripheral location.
Teatr Ludowy

The People`s Theatre (Teatr Ludowy)

The building was designed by Janusz Ingarden and constructed in 1955. Originally it was meant as a small-audience theatre while the main, monumental and representative theatre was supposed to stand in the Central Square , closing it in from the southern side. Some specialists claim there are visible Egyptian influences in the architecture of the People's Theatre. Some of the stage adaptations performed in this theatre, particularly at the very beginning of its functioning, were of an avangarde nature and made eager audiences flock from near and far.