"Come visit historic Nowa Huta, where George Orwell's dark vision of a perfect industrial metropolis was executed with stunning precision. Until, that is, the workers rose up and overthrew Big Brother" - Brian Whitmore "THE BOSTON GLOBE"


The history of the land on which Nowa Huta was constructed dates back to times much more remote than the history of the city of which it became a part.Kościelniki ruins Settlement in this area started about seven thousand years ago and can be divided into many stages. Many artefacts and buildings from the last few hundred years - mostly sacral, manorial or palace architecture -are quite well preserved. Their existence is not widely known even to the residents of this quarter, as they have never been properly assessed. Descriptions were published in some studies and guidebooks many years ago but haven't been updated so far. In the light of the history of Nowa Huta one can say that the tourism in this area has a long tradition. As such can be regarded the former pilgrimages of Cracow`s citizens to the monastery of Mogiła. It is still more splendid that in 1840 the Wanda's Mound was visited by one of the greatest Polish poets - C.K.Norwid. Tourism in our modern understanding appeared in Nowa Huta during its construction. Visiting excursions, including foreigners, arrived toTaxi stop in Old NH admire the development of the first socialist city in Poland - all this promoted a propaganda-ideological dimension.

Nowadays this socialist part of Nowa Huta has started to arouse interest and there is a chance that it will become one of the tourist attractions of Cracow, one of many, but a unique one. Its main advantage is exceptional town planning and architecture. According to specialists, in comparison with other parts of former eastern bloc, Nowa Huta is the best example of a socialist realist city . Foreign visitors are delighted with the composition, showing the designers`s eagerness to create a perfect socialist - realist city.

The architecture that was meant to be based on the Renaissance and which actually became a mixture of Renaissance, baroque and classicism, all in all looks very attractive and deserves attention .NH Worker In the context of the political and social system in which it was created, Nowa Huta forms a kind of a magic gate to the era of socialist realism. Undoubtedly, it will arouse the interests of more demanding tourists searching for something new or different with a specific aesthetic sensitivity, and for a deeper look at architectural , social and political issues because it is these together that made Nowa Huta . Nowa Huta needs to be seen in a much wider context, rejecting all ideological prejudices because only such an attitude can guarantee its appreciation as a phenomenon of the past and present.